This is a starmap I made for my group's use playing the Serenity RPG based on the movie "Serenity" and the TV series "Firefly" by Joss Whedon. I'm offering it here free of charge, as I hold no real rights to it - it's completely derivative. It's also roughly based on the layout proposed by "James Michler" on the "Waves in the Black" board, which I thought was brilliant and hard to find fault with.

And, you can download a printable version in .tif format HERE - just right-click and "Save target as" - it's almost 2mb, and prints at 10.5" square. For large format printers, so you may need to take it to Kinko's or something to get it printed big enough to read easily. But we've found it really helps to have an idea of how far things are from each other.

You can't stop the Signal!