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These are places I go for inspiration, people I know who would love to have you look at their sites, and generally a lot of good internet fun

(None of these are paid-for banners, so you don't have to feel like anyone's making a fortune on your curiosity)
A great place to learn about fantasy artists the you may or may not have heard of before!
Check out..
Check out the Top 50 Fantasy Art sites!
..these Fantasy Art sites!

Come meet some of my talented young art students!

My home Gallery

One of the places you can find my "Dragons" coloring book.

Artists who's work I've come to admire and enjoy:

Clyde Caldwell

Luis Royo
Keith Parkinson
Larry Elmore

Tony Diterlizzi

To see some of the projects I've done firsthand, try:

Eilfin Publishing: We play with your imagination This is destined to be the best RPG ever!
And I'm not saying that because I'm biased :)
Just check out the reviews!


The website for author Robert W Hult, who is currently writing the Time Dancer series, which will be using quite a few of my illustrations. Soon...hopefully!

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Fantasy Artwork by Rob Carlos

Different sizes, because everyone needs something different!