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Also, a few of my prints seem to fall into the "mature" category.
Only if you're over 18, you can click HERE to see them. If not, please don't without parent's permission.
Nothing on the mature page would be rated more than "R"

And HERE are some pictures I did during the Dragonflight convention in August of 07. Looking forward to next year's show!

I've done artwork for three sets in
"The Wheel Of Time" collectible card game.
Click HERE to see them
WOTLOGO.GIF (4817 bytes)

Email me for availability and prices on "Wheel of Time" original paintings
Wheel Of Time is © and tm Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time CCG is © and tm Precedence Entertainment.

There are also a bunch of pictures I did for EILFIN Publishing, which has published an absolutely excellent fantasy RPG.  
Click HERE to see a few of them, and check the "LINKS" page for their website.