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Custom pieces available through (note, the images are samples, yours would be different)

To answer everyone's first question, custom requests other than the ones listed above are priced individually. There is no "menu of prices", but I can work with practically any budget. Please don't ask me to draw a picture of your character for free, though. I really hate disappointing people, but at the same time I've never asked the plumber to fix my sink for free. This is my job, and doing custom artwork cuts into the time I have for other projects. When you e-mail me, don't be hesitant to give me a price range to try to work within - those are the requests that get considered first!

I do character portraits for all varieties of RPG's, fantasy conceptual images, fantasy or sci-fi family portraits, and just about anything else you can think of. When you send a description, it should be as detailed as you can imagine (unless you want me to work out an idea for you from scratch).  Feel free to really make it detailed, I love the challenge, and you'll like the final result that much more!

Freelanced commercial projects are priced based on reproduction rights. Generally, artwork is returned to the artist after photography and/or printing.  Please contact me at with your project specifics. If you need fast turnover of high-quality fantasy or sci-fi artwork for cards, gaming manuals, or other printed media, then feel free to challenge me. To date, I've never missed a deadline that I've accepted! (Including a 12 hour turnaround from Steve Jackson games, which was possibl;y crazy on my part to take on! Who needs sleep!?!)

(Also, if you need to use my artwork on your site, putting my link on your site is always a welcome courtesy! Using my work for your personal reasons without it would be rude, wouldn't it?)